Every physical sport is associated with a level of risk in terms of incurring an injury. Of course, some sports are more dangerous than others. It is nonetheless a fact that accidents can and will occur on occasion. Some (such as muscle cramps or strains) are rather transient in nature and will not normally require any type of intervention. However, acute injuries should always be addressed as soon as possible in order to avoid any long-term effects. Let us therefore examine some of the ways in which you can help yourself in dealing with Sports-Related Injuries – while waiting to consult with a professional.

Assessing the Injury Itself

Please note that this is only a general assessment, as you will likely require the help of one of our injury rehabilitation specialists in order to discover the extent of the damage. Here are a handful of warning signs that a tendon or muscle has sustained a significant amount of damage:

  • The area has become swollen within a short period of time.
  • A bruise has formed.
  • It is not possible to move the affected muscle or joint.
  • The area is red or hot to the touch.
  • You are experiencing a sharp, shooting pain (often described as feeling similar to a hot needle).

These are some signs that could indicate a muscle, tendon or ligament tear. In any of these situations, it is important to seek immediate medical advice.

Short-Term Solutions for Dealing with Sports-Related Injuries

As with any type of sports injury, it is first important to immobilise the affected area to avoid any further damage. Ice wrapped in a towel may be applied for short durations (approximately ten minutes every hour). If you are experiencing a great deal of discomfort in a peripheral joint, compression bandages may be used. However, make certain that these do not restrict blood flow to the extremities such as the hands or the feet.

What is the Role of a Sports Therapist?

The injury rehabilitation specialists at West Berkshire Injury Clinic have been trained to provide a host of therapeutic options. These will naturally depend upon the situation as well as the area of the body that has bene affected. Whether you require a remedial massage, soft tissue therapy or you simply wish to obtain an assessment, we are always here to help.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. We are proud to serve Newbury, Hungerford and the surrounding areas.


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