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Support and training advice.

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Athlete Care

When preparing for an event whether you’re professional, amateur or doing something for a
challenge to raise money for a charity it can be really daunting to understand what you should and
shouldn’t do.

Prepare and train

If you’re preparing for an event whether it be cycling, running or walking you may not be sure about how to prepare and to train. The therapists in clinic can help people achieve their aims by providing support, training advice and also helping with those training niggles.

We also recognise we are not the experts in everything but actively partner with other companies to ensure that you get the best care and support possible. We have regularly worked with people doing a marathon from first timers through to experienced marathon runners, we have worked with cyclists, triathletes providing support, treatment, advice and in the worst case injury treatment and rehabilitation.

We also work with professional and semi-professional athletes and realise that we are part of a far wider team which may include other therapists, coaches, strength and conditioning, psychologists and others. We will always look to provide an integrated approach to ensure that athletes work at their peak performance and get  complementary support.

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Why Athlete Care?

Discover underlying issues

Injury care

Injury prevention

Optimises performance

Sports specific warm ups

Improves mental and physical performance

What can we treat with Athlete Care?

Pre event preparation

Injury management strategies

Muscular-skeletal assessments

Post event medical advice

Sports specific warm ups

Pre-match treatments

Preparing for your next event? Need support?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some of our frequently asked questions about our athlete care services – you can find even more FAQs in our full FAQs section.

What is athlete care?

Event support / pitchside first aid incorporates immediate trauma care and sports injury management by professionally registered therapists.

What types of sport do you cover?


- Who can benefit from Athlete Care?


What our patients say about us

  • The perfect combination of knowledge, competence and understanding of not only the physical but the emotional and mental wellbeing. Can’t imagine trusting anyone else to sort out my niggles or more complex injuries allowing me to continue to do what I love and what keeps me healthy. Also great for a peace of mind visit prior to an event.


  • Just like to drop a quick note to thank all at West Berkshire injury clinic for helping me get back on track after my back problem in October. Kate has been fantastic in my rehab and enabled me to walk distances I never thought possible. Thanks and keep up the good work.


  • Andy was recommended to me by my running friends about 6 months ago. I initially went to see him for a few minor niggles which were ironed out straight away. More recently I unfortunately developed a more serious problem with my IT band that completely stopped me in my tracks. I went to see Andy and by listening to my needs and having so much knowledge, experience and most of all an amazing way of explaining things he managed to get me back running in 10 days and onto a Half Marathon PB in only 3 weeks. I can’t recommend Andy enough, he is a great chap and a very thorough and professional sports therapist. Thanks Andy for getting me back up and running and giving me the chance to keep going with the ongoing support and information you have provided me with.