Wellness For Women

Our clinic cares about women’s health. The osteopathy and massage therapies we offer are perfect for women of all ages, from teen years to post-menopause.

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Womens Health

A specialist and integrated approach, which aims to restore balance to both the physiological and psychological aspects of a woman’s wellbeing. 

Supporting you through the stages of life

During pregnancy you can get gentle and effective treatment for posture and pain including hip pain with osteopathy and/or massage therapy.

Our techniques can be adjusted to make them work for your specific needs. It is really helpful to get treatments during and after your pregnancy to make them part of your regular routine so you can get the right support and advice.

We are there to support you throughout and to provide support for you throughout and also when you go through the menopause which can, in some women, affect you almost anywhere in the body but most regularly in the knees, hips, elbows, wrists, fingers, shoulders, neck and jaw. Women describing their discomfort refer to it in many different ways – tender, achy, stiff, burning and even shooting pain are all reported.

Our highly qualified team of therapists will work with you to make you feel better. As a result of our experience, we will look to provide you with relief and advice throughout your life.

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Why Womens Health?

Holistic approach

Increases blood flow

Improves lymphatic circulation

Reduces pain

Improves mobility

Improved overall wellbeing

So what can our therapy help with?

Lower back pain

Neck pain

Abdominal cramps

Ligament pain

Pre-natal and post-partum conditions

Pelvic pain


Muscular problems

Sciatica / Neuralgia

Postural problems

Inability to relax

Generalised aches and pains

Let us be a part of your care team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some of our frequently asked questions about our therapies for women – you can find even more FAQs in our full FAQs section.

What does Holistic approah mean?

Holistic medicine focuses on treating the whole person, not just the area of concern. The joints and surrounding soft tissue interact with other areas of the body and affect overall health. If the musculoskeletal system is improved, it can help ease respiratory and digestive problems for example.

I am pregnant how can this treatment help me?

During pregnancy, Osteopathy can play a vital role in alleviating the pain and discomfort in various areas of the body. Osteopathic techniques can also help pregnant women prepare for labour and less painful delivery.

How can osteopathy help with changes to the body caused by pregnancy?

When a woman is pregnant, the ligaments soften, and that can put stress on muscles. The increase in weight and changes in posture can also affect the spine, pelvic area and joints. An osteopathic exam will determine if treatment is needed to relieve the strain. After the baby is born, gentle osteopathic techniques for newborns are used to ensure that the infant is optimal health.

Will I feel better after a treatment?

Your ease and relief from pain and tightness are the goals of osteopathic treatment. It may take a couple of visits before you start to feel the benefits, however. The first couple of treatments may even lead to tiredness, headache or mild discomfort for a short time. We will suggest some exercises you can do at home to minimise these symptoms. If you still feel uncomfortable after a couple of days, let us know about it.

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