When I was at the national running shows I heard the term Maranoia for the first time but what is it?

The definition that I have seen is that Maranoia is “The fear of something going wrong in a marathon?” but I think this term could be used in any context, whether it an Ultra, a half marathon, a 10 km or any other type of endurance event.

So, how can you avoid Maranoia? Being honest I don’t think you can but you can reduce the impact, and rather than Maranoia it becomes good old healthy nerves! Being nervous about something is healthy and is usually a mixture of excitement and concern. The best thing to do to stop those nerves becoming Maranoia is to prepare properly. I have given some pointers about running event preparation and I have done a Facebook live about it. So, it really does come down to preparation – train well, eat well and deal with those niggles.

Don’t forget about those psychological elements as well. If you’re worried about something that is going to happen on the day, talk to somebody. There are plenty of people around who can offer you words of advise and encouragement. There are a lot of people in West Berkshire who have done runs and can give you some hints and tips.

So, if you’re worrying about things already then talk to somebody about your concerns. In essence, prepare well and talk to people.

Nerves = Good

Maranoia = Bad