Before we dive into explaining more about osteoarthritis of the hip, let’s start with the basics…

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is where the joints become painful and stiff. Now, that seems to be a very simplistic way of looking at things but it is accurate. At its worst Osteoarthritis is a very painful and debilitating condition. Sometimes the only way of recovery is through an operation to repair, strengthen or replace the joint.

 What Causes Osteoarthritis Of The Hip?  

  • Wear and tear?  
  • Everybody as they get older will suffer from wear and tear. It is part of the natural aging process but it doesn’t necessarily cause issues.  
  • Abnormal shape of the bones in the hip causing the bones to rub together (femoroacetabular impingement).  
  • A fracture of the hip. This is a lot more common in older people who may have weaker bones.  
  • Infections of the joint.  
  • Bursitis of the joint.  

Hip pain can also be caused by other issues including ITB and hamstring problems. However, these conditions aren’t specifically issues with the hip joint itself.  

Ideas To Help With The Pain

People often think that if you’re diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the hip it means that you aren’t going to be able to do anything. In a lot of cases this isn’t true. There are some simple things that can be done to improve things including losing weight, avoid those high heels and avoid those activities which make the pain worse.  

The big thing is to strengthen the muscles around the joint. Why? By doing this you are actually using your muscles to provide support for the joint which means that there is less strain on the joint. Simple exercises can be done to do have a good positive impact and shouldn’t take a lot of time to do which in our busy lives is actually very important.  

If you need help and advice with exercise for hip pain then please get in touch. Our expert Sports Therapists can help and provide some much-needed relief. Kate, our Osteopath, can also help and her exercise prescription is something to behold. To book an appointment call 01635 904542 or book line by clicking HERE.


A Personal Perspective On Osteoarthritis Of The Hip


I think this will be of interest however there is a reason why there will be some concentration on osteoarthritis. Andrew has osteoarthritis of the hip and unfortunately will be having a hip replacement on the 7th December which means that he will be out of action for 4 weeks. For once, he is going to need to as he’s told rather than issuing the instructions.