West Berkshire Injury Clinic offers a wide range of therapy options, so you can remain confident that you are in good hands when working with our team. Whether you require a sports massage, targeted osteopathy treatments, help with injuries or you have been dealing with chronic pain, we are always here to help.

Please keep in mind that all of our patients will experience a second-to-none level of professionalism throughout the duration of their treatment. Not only does this help to ensure a positive outcome, but it allows our therapists to develop long-term working relationships. We firmly believe that such an approach is one of the reasons for our success over the years.

We are more than happy to talk to people in Newbury, Hungerford, Thatcham and the surrounding areas if you need some help and advice. Although West Berkshire Injury Clinic provides services to a wide range of customers, we take a great deal of pride in still calling ourselves your local clinic. Please refer to the form below to provide us with your details so that an appointment can be scheduled at the earliest possible convenience. You may also call us or send across an email and somebody will contact you. If you aren’t too sure which person is best for you then please complete the form or give us a call and we would be more than happy to advise.

We are currently piloting online bookings and you are able to book Kate Croxford (Osteopath) in either Hungerford or Newbury. Please ensure that you are careful when you book to choose the correct location and the correct time. 

If you have not been seen at the clinic before then we would recommend that you contact the clinic direct as we do need to organise a Telehealth appointment as well as the face to face appointment. If you book an initial appointment below we will be in contact with you to arrange the Telehealth appointment.

If the pilot is successful then we will start to rollout online appointments for other therapists.

If you want to use the online booking then please scroll down and you will then find the online booking.

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    Online booking (pilot)