The human body is a very delicate machine. From dealing with common aches and pains to treating an acute injury, obtaining professional help is critical if we hope to avoid long-term issues. So, it is no surprise that sports therapists and osteopaths have become highly valued for their talents and services. However, many individuals can become confused when trying to sift through all of the sports therapy jargon associated with this industry. Let us therefore take a look at some common techniques as well as what each one involves.

Generalised Sports Therapy Treatments

Sports therapies can actually represent a host of techniques which an expert will employ in order to provide relief from numerous conditions. Some examples include taping, mobilising a specific joint, muscular rehabilitation, and stretching. The ultimate goals are to provide short-term relief as well as long-term solutions.

Sports Massages

These types of massages are quite common and they can be used to provide relief from everyday aches as well as to target an area of the body that has been injured. Often referred to as soft tissue therapy, some of the benefits of a sports massage include:

  • Eliminating muscular adhesions and scar tissue.
  • Increasing range of motion.
  • Enhancing flexibility.
  • Improving circulation.
  • Relaxation and pain relief.

Remedial Massages Unlike sports massages, a remedial massage will focus upon one specific area of the body. These are often used to treat acute injuries (such as a pulled hamstring or a rotator cuff issue). Also, remedial massages tend to use less pressure when compared to deep tissue massages.

Myofascial Release

There may also be times when a patient is experiencing chronic pain throughout the body due to conditions such as venous insufficiency or myofascial pain syndrome. One effective method involves manipulating a series of “trigger points” which can help to alleviate any discomfort over time. As it can be difficult to find these trigger points on occasion, myofascial releases are frequently used to address broader areas of muscle and tissue.

The team at West Berkshire Injury Clinic offers these services as well as a variety of targeted rehabilitation options. Whether you have recently suffered an injury or you wish to deal with chronic pain, our qualified specialists are always here to help. So, please do not hesitate to book an appointment in order to begin the road to recovery today.