The vast majority of the population will suffer from a headache or migraine on occasion. As an example of the impact that such conditions can have upon our lives, studies have shown that up to 25 million working and school days are lost every year as a result of headaches (1). While there are many causes for these conditions, one of the most common contributing sources involves pain within the neck. How are neck pain, stress and headaches related? If you are tired of suffering from discomfort or if headaches prevent you from performing daily activities, West Berkshire Injury Clinic can help.

Common Sources of Neck Pain

The neck is comprised of a number of different muscles and each of these is intended to perform a specific function. These muscles are then intertwined with other areas such as the shoulders and the back. So, it is clear that even a slight strain can impact other nearby connective tissue. Here are some of the common causes of neck pain:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • A herniated disc
  • A sudden accidental injury such as whiplash
  • Poor posture
  • Mental stress and fatigue

So, what is the connection between these scenarios and common headaches?

The Link Between Neck Pain and Headaches

Tension headaches can become a real “pain in the neck”, and for good reason. A group of muscles located at the base of the skull (known as the suboccipital region) can often become tense due to the situations outlined in the previous section. This type of tension can lead to compression around a series of nerves linked to the head and the eyes. So, it is no surprise that those who suffer from tension headaches will often describe a sensation similar to a rubber band being wrapped around the head.

How Can Sports Therapy Specialists Help?

Eliminating the tension at its source is the primary job of a sports therapy specialist at West Berkshire Injury Clinic. We will first analyse your unique trigger points in order to provide address the root cause of your discomfort. Our specialists may also address other issues such as gait, posture and stretching. The ultimate goal is to offer clients throughout Thatcham, Newbury and Hungerford with a sense of relief that they never thought possible. Please contact a representative to schedule an appointment at your convenience.