We all live in a world partially defined by daily stress. Whether referring to long working hours, a physically strenuous job or money issues, the fact of the matter is that most individuals have come to accept this emotion as a part of their existence. Although many articles rightfully examine the mental impacts of stress upon the mind, we also need to remember that this condition can wreak havoc upon our bodies. What are some of its most serious effects from the perspective of sports therapy and why is it important to seek the advice of professionals sooner as opposed to later?

How Does Stress Impact the Physical Body?

For the sake of this article, we will not be referring to physical stress such as the dangers of lifting a heavy item incorrectly. We are instead analysing how mental stress can impact the musculoskeletal system. Here are a handful of issues which can result from long-term mental stress:

  • Sleepless nights resulting in muscular tension.
  • The greater likelihood of becoming injured when performing everyday tasks.
  • Muscles that take longer to heal.
  • Tension headaches and/or migraines.
  • An overall feeling of malaise.

So, it is becoming clear to see why the intervention of a sports therapy specialist is often necessary.

What Long-Term Risks Exist?

From a long-term perspective, mental stress can severely impact our bodies. Tense muscles can result in nerve-related issues such as sciatica and of course, the chances of sustaining an injury are much higher. As this tension becomes habitual, it can lead to chronic discomfort with seemingly no discrete source. Of course, other physical problems such as lethargy due to pain can lead to weight gain, issues with mobility and cardiovascular problems. This is why seeking help sooner as opposed to later is always prudent.

Working with West Berkshire Injury Clinic

Our team has already treated countless patients throughout Hungerford, Newbury and Little Bedwyn. You can therefore expect a fully tailored service that will be centred around your unique concerns as well as any issues that you may currently be experiencing.

Stress can have a serious impact upon our lives, so it is always prudent to contact one of our specialists. We can then schedule a convenient time to perform an in-depth consultation. As opposed to simply placing stress upon the “back burner”, a proactive mindset will help you to avoid more serious complications.


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