With the London Marathon coming up on Sunday there have been a number of concerns being raised about the weather. The temperature on Sunday is currently forecasted to be 23 degrees and sunny.
So should you change what you’ve been planning? Should you amend your water intake? should you change what you’re eating?
The big thing and the big element – Do NOT change ANYTHING! This is what you’re used to and how you’ve trained – don’t change anything. The big thing is make sure you start the race properly hydrated and what I said last week about preparation is to ensure you plan, plan and plan again. If you’re concerned about the queues for the toilets allow more time and join the queue earlier but don’t short cut your hydration.
In the 24 to 48 hours before the race avoid alcohol and avoid caffeine as they both have a diuretic effect which will make you more dehydrated. Drink plenty and remember the picture from last weeks post which is how to confirm whether you’re propery hydrated.
These tips may well help:-
  • Dress Appropriately – Wear lightly coloured and loose fitting clothes. Pale clothing will reflect the sun. Baggy clothes will allow for any breeze to flow through creating a cooling affect. Technical t-shirts should whisk away any moisture and allow it to evaporate which will help with cooling. Remember your sunglasses and your hat but remember that your that should be light as most temperature loss is through your head.
  • Use suntan cream – If you burn that will have a dehydrating effect – But make sure it is water resistant and will withstand sweat! There is nothing worse than suntan cream in your eyes.
  • Sometimes sowing a white hankerchief in the back of your hat and then ensuring it is soaked can help provide cooling as well as protecting the back of your neck.
  • Use the showers if they’re available – run through them but be careful of your footing.
  • Don’t stop drinking during the marathon. Don’t get dehydrated.
  • If you feel unwell tell somebody and don’t just run on hoping for the best. There is always another chance to run a marathon.
  • When you finish make sure you keep hydrated and avoid the celebratory booze until you’re sure you are hydrated.
Any questions then please let me know.