Did you know that in 2014 to 2017 there were 25,763 gardening and DIY related injuries according to the BBC (24/5/2018). Also 90% of those injuries were incurred in men!

Now we will have no comments about the relative common sense of men compared to women or the split of the jobs between the sexes however it does highlight the need for care when gardening.

Admittedly it was talking about the reported injuries which tend to be more extreme. But the other thing that won’t be reported back is those bad backs, muscle soreness in various parts of the body.

So, what causes these gardening injuries?

For the more extreme injuries quite often it will be down to not looking at the instructions when it comes to machinery, not wearing appropriate safety equipment or not taking the appropriate level of care and attention.

However the bulk of niggles and injuries are mainly around these areas:-

  1. Trying to do too much in one go.
  2. Not warming up properly.
  3. Not colling down and stretching.

This is going to be quite a lengthy blog as I am going to go through each element in detail.

Trying to do too much in one go!

As per my earlier blog around gardening. People forget that gardening is exercise and you do need to plan it out and not try to do too much one go. Plan what needs to be done – Does the fence need to be painted? If Yes, then do you need to do it all in 1 go? Probably not! however do as much as you can and in the same way as exercise push yourself a little bit.

If you need to be moving things, lift properly an Herr Flick of the Gestapo would say – “Bend Ze Knees”.

If you’re doing some weeking get advise and look advise for it. I found this site which some good practical advise – www. wikihow.com/pull-weeds which covers everything from using the right tools to techniques and protecting yourself from the sun.

I’ve not covered everything but hopefully it gives you an indication.

Not Warming Up Properly!

Gardening Warm Up

Now I’m not expecting you to go for a jog, do some press ups but start your gardening by doing some light activity first, preare by getting everything you need, put them by where you’re going to start, gently push that mower, do a little bit and then have a break then carry and and get it finished. If you don’t follow this simple instruction then you’re more likely to injure yourselves, struggle in the days after completing the gardening. Don’t think it will take time out of what you’re doing as it won’t and will help in the longer term.

Not Cooling Down Properly!

Now a little bit of gentle stretching isn’t going to do any harm at all and I will do a Facebook live covering some of the gentle stretches that can be done. But putting things away and during that period do some gentle stretches while you’re picking things up.

Then how about a hot bath and ease those tired muscles. It will all help in the days after.

Hope this has helped and please ask any questions that you may have.


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