As of the 21st March, at the moment the clinic remains open. This is going to be evaluated on a day by day basis (maybe even hourly) and we will be following strict government guidelines! This is an unprecedented time for us all.

We are waiving the late cancellation fees related to Coronavirus but we do ask for you to cancel but don’t just not turn up, as our employees have taken time to go to the clinic, set up ready for your arrival and potentially opened to accommodate your needs. A quick phone call is all we ask.

We are going to be taking some basic steps around hygiene – due to the Coronavirus.

1) When you arrive in clinic there will be a pot of Hand Sanitiser. Please can you use it? You will be reminded by the therapists in the clinic.

2) If you have any symptom related to cold, coughs, fever, illness or have come into contact with anybody with any of those conditions that you call and re-arrange your appointment. I would prefer to be safe than sorry.

3) If you have been to the Far East, Tenerife, Northern Italy then we will be looking to cancel the appointment however if you have been in isolation and have been cleared then we will treat you. But we will be asking you to confirm dates/times and it will be at the discretion of the therapist you’re seeing as to whether they treat you.

Take care, be safe, be nice to each other and think about others. Let create this community and thrive, support each other and keep smiling.