Winter is coming.

In fact it’s already here. For some, the time of roaring fires, twinkling lights and lots of food. However for others, winter signifies the increase in that ache in your knee, the danger of slippery pavements and a reduction in activity due to early darkness. It is particularly important during this time that people are aware of their own health and well-being. Here are a few things that you can do to keep yourself healthy and happy this winter.

1. Wear proper shoes (yes, really!)

Winter is one of the busiest times for A&E. Why? Because people fall over more often. So be sensible, if it looks icy or slippery outside make sure you are wearing shoes with decent grip on the soles and take care when walking.

2. Keep yourself warm

If you are hunching up under your coat, you probably need a scarf. Walking around with your shoulders around your ears is a great way to end up with a sore neck, be proactive and keep your neck well covered this winter.

3. You still need to drink water

It sounds silly, but people forget to drink when it’s cold. You still need to keep yourself hydrated with water. Beware of too much caffeine at this time of year, it’s easy for one cup of coffee to turn into 6!

4. Carry on doing exercise

We know it’s cold and dark but if you can, try and stay active over the winter. Exercise improves joint and muscle health and is great for reducing stress. Keep up the good work!
Most of all winter is a time to take care of yourself and those around you. If you are suffering from any aches or pains (winter related or otherwise), come in to WBIC for treatment and advice to get you back on track this festive season.


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