Walking a dog is one of those true joys of life, on a sunny day out in nature with your best friend by your side, you feel at one with all the world.

Dog walking can cause injury
At one with the world? Or thinking about mischief

Alas it’s not always like this. People with dogs can suffer from a range of problems which can lead to real discomfort when exercising your dog.

Dog walkers with animals that pull on the lead often have shoulder problems, even worse is if your dog suddenly jolts you forward( having seen another dog or a squirrel). Another cause of shoulder pain can be from throwing a ball over and over again with the same arm, straining the tissues around your shoulder.

Throwing a ball for a dog

Walking in all weather means that footwear becomes very important, poor footwear choices can lead to not only soggy feet, but pain into the heel and base of the foot as well as stress on the calf.

On the same vein, not wearing enough warm clothing when taking your dog out can result in you hunching forward and lifting the shoulders towards your neck, which can cause pain and stiffness into the neck and shoulders.

The Benefits of Dog Walking

The benefits of walking your dog are numerous, fresh air and exercise helps improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Don’t let aches and pain stop you from enjoying your time with your dog. If you are having any dog related problems, give us a message and we will help you get back to enjoying your quality time together.

Kate Croxford – Osteopath