This weekend I’m very much looking forward to going back into the class room to learn more about vocal massage and how it can help singers, actors, athletes and the general population.
It is something that is very close to me, having performed on stage since the age of 11 and been involved in music since the age of 8 playing the piano and the trumpet. This has maybe given a snippet of information away about myself as I’ve always had two keen interests – rugby and the theatre. I’ve performed with a number of the local societies for a number of years and probably I’m better known for my singing rather than my acting ability.
The course will be quite intense and will cover a number of areas including:-
  • Anatomy of the larynx and neck
  • Breathing dysfunctions and conditions and their treatment.
  • Vocal performance enhancement through releasing key points in the body.
  • A deeper understanding of the three voices we use, and the complications that arise from switching and or retraining from where our sound is produced.
This will be a challenging day and as previously posted on our Facebook page, if you message me direct I will be offering a free treatment to a couple of people.