In previous years I have published a blog about creating SMART resolutions. However, this year I want to ask, should you be creating a New Year’s resolutions at all? Or should you be looking to change your lifestyle?

If you want to lose weight, is a New Year’s Resolution appropriate? For some, the answer is YES; they need an extra bit of motivation after the Christmas binge. But in many cases, it is about changing your lifestyle, your habits and your emotional connection with food.

This year, my advice is first to think about what you want to do. How will you change and make sure you’re not putting too much pressure on yourself?

Tips If Your New Year’s Resolutions Are A Physical Challenge

If you are looking for a physical challenge, make sure you’ve allowed enough time for training and that you’re in a reasonable condition to be able to start the training. So:-

  • Firstly, if you’ve got any niggles or concerns get them looked at so you have confidence.
  • Secondly, Plan, Plan, Plan and Plan again.
    • Plan how you’re going to start training – have you got the correct equipment.
    • Plan your training. How often do you need to exercise? Do you need to cross train? Do you need to do weights?
    • Plan your food intake. No matter what you’re doing – if you are training for something then you need to ensure you are getting enough energy into your body.
    • While you’re training – review and plan again.
    • When it comes to challenge day – plan your day, your strategy for the challenge.

Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions or Lifestyle Changes

If you need help with either your physical activity or diet goals why not book an appointment. We provide assessments or advise tailored to your long- and short-term needs. 


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