The picture above shows the gait cycle and it shows what happens when you’re walking.

WBIC are now able to offer gait analysis but what is gait analysis? Isn’t gait analysis just what you have to go through when you’re going to buy some new running shoes – No!

Although it is worth noting that gait analysis when used properly is a very useful tool in helping to find the most appropriate running shoe however what I am offering is to look at your gait to look for muscular issues while you are running. As my good friend Danny Clayton says if you’re just looking at the feet it isn’t a gait anlaysis. We will look to video your gait from the side and from the back and will be looking at shoulders, hips, knees, ankles and your feet.

I might suggest this if you’ve had long standing issues while running or are struggling during your training. I might use it to look at your walking gait to try to identify areas where problems occur if you’re a walker.

I will be looking for specific postural issues when running i.e. the lazy runner or muscular imbalances as can be seen in the 2nd picture. This is called Trendelenburg gait and highlights a weakness in one of the gluteal muscles. However it isn’t just the hips I will also be using this to identify possible areas of weakness in your knees, shoulders etc.. It can be a very useful tool when analysing and investigating issues when running.

The service is described on the website and if you follow this link it will take you to the correct page on the website.

If you require further information then please get in contact with the clinic via email, phone, facebook or instagram.