Vocal Massage

Brand new to West Berkshire Injury Clinic, Andrew Spaak is now able to offer Vocal Massage Treatments, qualified with Active Health Group.

Vocal chords and the muscles surrounding them are equally as precious as the other muscles in our body, and equally as liable to tension and strain if overworked or used in the wrong way. Whether you are a singer or performer, public speaker, teacher or just feeling muscle strain, it’s important to get it looked at and treated as you would with any other sporting injury.

Vocal massage involves us focusing on the individuals breathing techniques and the anatomy of the larynx and neck, providing an in-depth and thorough massage to highlight the stressed areas and allowing us to be able to advise you on future care.

There are very few vocal massage specialists around Berkshire as most are based in London’s theatre scene, as you can imagine, and west-end performers swear by their techniques and treatment.

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