Dave Hamilton

After a long career in the British Army followed by a successful transition to civilian life Dave decided to do something completely different! Fed up of office life and the daily 9 to 5 grind, with all the stresses a commute into London induces, Dave came across a Soft Tissue Therapist (unaware of what one was!) whilst helping out with a National rugby charity he’s involved in. This lady seemed extremely happy in her work and those she was treating seemed even happier after just a few minutes in her care.

With Dave’s rugby playing days coming to an end, he thought it would be a great way to stay involved in a meaningful way on match days and to open up new opportunities, so he enrolled on a course at the Oxford School of Sports Massage and subsequently qualified as a Soft Tissue therapist.

What does Dave get out of soft tissue therapy? Satisfaction.
Satisfaction knowing that today he helped someone become freer from pain than they were before they came to see him. There is no need to be in pain through sore muscles. There are people that can help you and Dave is now one of those people – and loves it!