Massage Therapy | West Berkshire Injury Clinic

What should I wear?

We want to make sure you feel comfortable during your massage therapy so loose fitting shorts and a top are ideal – just make sure you wear underwear, please!

Will it hurt?

Honestly?  We can’t guarantee manual therapy won’t be painful, but it’s important for you to be honest with us and tell us if it’s hurting.

We use a pain scale where 0 is you can’t feel anything, and 10 is that you’re going to hit the roof, or us!  The maximum we want to reach is 7 however, there will be the odd occasion when it might reach an 8. If you’re concerned, tell us and we will work within those limits.

How long is the first appointment?

You should allow an hour for the initial appointment asandy-spaak-sports-massage-sports therapy we’ll need to go through a lot of personal information (medical and injury history), as well as discussing the injury, or pain point, that requires treatment. We may also want to look at your posture and assess imbalances. This all takes time but, don’t worry, we’ll ensure there is enough time for your treatment or massage therapy.

How many appointments will I need?

This will entirely depend on the type of injury, our assessment following your first treatment, and the rehabilitation period (this includes you putting into practice our advice, and recommendations for recovery, including resting – runners we’re looking at you!).

Should I expect discomfort post treatment?

Again, it will depend on the type of treatment. You may experience discomfort, or ‘aches and pains’, for a day or two post treatment however, if you’re concerned then you can always give us a call.

I am under 18; can you treat me?

Yes, but a parent or guardian must always be present.

Can I bring someone with me?

Of course – whatever makes you comfortable. We can suggest a number of suitable chaperones, should you require one.

Can I question you?

Absolutely!  We’re here to answer questions, and to address any concerns you may have.

Contact us to book your appointment.