The Power of Osteopathy

While the human body is one of the most efficient natural machines in existence, it is not immune to wear and tear over time. Circulatory issues, muscular strains, arthritis, and acute injuries are all possibilities. However, modern science has come a long way in regards to how these conditions are proactively managed within a clinical setting. The team of sports therapy specialists at West Berkshire Injury Clinic will provide you with targeted osteopathy solutions. This form of rehabilitation can provide short-term relief alongside a host of long-term benefits. Let us take a more thorough look at what you can expect when working with our specialists.

What is the Role of an Osteopath?

An osteopath specialises in detecting, treating and preventing problems related to connective tissues (such as bones, tendons and ligaments). Not only will this address immediate issues, but the preventative nature of this form of therapy can help to ensure a more satisfactory quality of life for patients as they age. Whether referring to labourers, office professionals, students, athletes, or the elderly, there are a host of options when consulting with our osteopathy specialists.

What Problems Can be Treated?

One of the most interesting aspects of this approach is that there are a wide range of techniques that can be employed. Of course, this will first depend upon obtaining a clear diagnosis. We will therefore perform several preliminary steps such as medical history, previous injuries and even x-rays in order to determine the best way forward. This enables us to address numerous issues including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Lower back pain.
  • Arthritis.
  • Acute injuries from sports or accidents.
  • Issues resulting from a pregnancy.
  • Common aches and pains.

Targeted massages, muscle manipulation and stretching programmes may all be used in order to provide relief and to ensure a positive prognosis.

Working with the Experts at West Berkshire Injury Clinic

We take a great deal of pride in dealing with the needs of the individual patient. Therefore, you can expect bespoke solutions and quicker results when compared to generic approaches. Furthermore, our professionals aim to provide unique aftercare recommendations in order to reduce the chances of further pain.

Please take a few moments to book an appointment online. We will be happy to discuss any concerns in greater detail as well as to outline a clear sports therapy rehabilitation programme.