Lockdown 2 – Clinic is Open

This blog is to let you all know that during this Lockdown the clinic will be remaining open. There are some changes however we are still here to provide care, assistance and help when needed.

The Osteopaths will be working and we will have Osteopathy cover available on Tuesday and Wednesday in either Newbury or Hungerford. The Osteopaths as far as is possible will be working normally.

The Sports Therapists, Andrew, Martin, Darcey and Lee will be available to provide treatment Monday through to Friday in either Newbury or Hungerford. The direction we have received from the government and also our professional associations and governing bodies is that we can work to try to prevent people needing to go to their GPs or Accident and Emergency for injuries or to help people in pain. What we can’t do is a general sports massage – All of the therapists are really happy to be part of the team to support the NHS at this time #SavetheNHS.

We can offer the following appointments.

1) Virtual Appointments – These can be really useful in helping people with rehab exercises and to provide help and advice.
2) Osteopathy Appointments – Face to Face. For initial appointments a video/telephone appointment will be needed.
3) All other Appointments will be a mixture of virtual and face to face appointments. We do need to justify why we need to see people face to face so please work with us.

We will be going back to asking client to phone the therapist (Not Kate or Laura) once parked. The therapist will meet you at the front door and will open the door for you. The therapist will already be wearing a face mask and an apron.

  • You will be asked to use the hand santiser which will be available for your use.
  • If you don’t have a face covering then we will sell you a disposable face mask or face covering – the face covering will be for you to take away with you and is washable.
  • Any movement/tests that we have been unable to do virtually will be done within the clinic and you will be asked to remove your shoes.
  • A plastic box will be available for you to put all your personal belongings and/or clothing in.
  • Treatment will happen.
  • Payment will be made either through Bank Transfer or Card – Cash will no longer be accepted.

Once the appointment is finished the therapist will be cleaning all surfaces ready for the next client.

The QR code for the NHS Track and Trace App is available in both Newbury and Hungerford for your use.

We do realise that this will be impersonal and very clinical but to allow us to start working again it is absolutely necessary.

Please take care and please stay safe. The more we do so the quicker we can get back to a semblance of normality.

The Pricing for the appointment has not changed.

If you have any concerns about coming for an appointment or having attended an appointment then please do email andrew@westberkshireinjuryclinic.com or call me at the clinic on the numbers below.

If you would like an appointment please call the clinic on 01635 904542 or 01488 493014
or you can email at hello@westberkshireinjuryclinic.com or bookings@westberkshireinjuryclinic.com