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Andy is seriously one of the most incredible sports therapists I have ever encountered (and I’ve seen a lot of them).

Due to a couple of injuries I have chronic back, neck and shoulder pain and seeing Andy always brought great relief. He not only delivered an excellent treatment time and time again, but he went the extra mile working with other health care professionals (such as my Osteopath) to ensure they were working with one another to maximise my results. He was always contributing to develop his skills and used a combination of massage, kinesiotape and other treatments to ensure I got pain relief and increased mobility. Andy would also give additional stretches and exercises for me to do at home so I could make the impact of the treatment last longer.

Andy’s hours were great for fitting in with my work schedule and having worked in a corporate environment he was acutely aware of the challenges that come with it and made sure his advice made sense in real life. Sadly I moved away from the UK, but one of the things I miss the most is Andy. I have often joked with my husband about flying him over because I can’t find anyone close to as good as him. I can’t recommend West Berkshire Injury Clinic enough.” – Toni Bache

“I am Head of Rugby at Ilkley RFC. This season saw our 7s team qualify for the National finals at London Irish vis Olney. 

On the day we had to rely on the tournament cover due to finances. This transpired to be a stroke of luck, as we were adopted on the day by Andy Spaak. He managed in this time to rectify a couple of players that had reoccurring injuries and even became our match cover. Andy’s professionalism and enthusiasm was a credit to him and I have no doubt assisted us on the day to qualify for the national finals at Bath. The next shock was that as he also had enjoyed the day, he volunteered to attend as our cover for the finals. This turned out to be a fairytale ending and the newly formed relationship saw Ilkley lift the total as the only Club side in the event.

Since this day Andy has even covered a Tuesday night session at Ilkley when he was just passing through, coinciding with our own medical covers absence – the 7s lads welcomed him with open arms. He will always have a place in Ilkley now; thank you Andy.” – Rhys Morgan

“From the day I started with his treatments till today I wouldn’t not imagine or believe myself how in such a short period of time I started to run again. All this has happened within 5 months from baby steps to normal running. I couldn’t believe myself that I would be able to run again. This wouldn’t be the same with out his help and magic.
The best sports therapist I have ever worked with so far. He takes care of his clients and he was always there for me when I needed to ask any questions or see him. I would strongly recommend to every single person to contact him if you have any injuries or need any advice.”
  – Özel Iljaz

“Andy is excellent and has made a huge improvement in my flexibility and strength. Andy is knowledgeable and provides a confident and friendly approach to getting to the root cause of physical muscle and joint problems and then treating them effectively”Chris Bevan

“I have been to see Andy many a time for both sports and general injuries and would highly recommend his treatment. He has a professional manner and always manages to work miracles so much so that I feel like a new person when walking out of an appointment with him.”Nikki Harrison

“I’m writing this from hospital, recovering from a hip arthroscopy due to misshapen bone in my hip joints. Andy treated me for recurring hip and back pain, and was extremely helpful in so many ways; he relieved symptoms effectively, helped me identify and more importantly understand what was going on as well as educate me on prevention and management of it. Had Andy not gone to the lengths he did, which included referring and consulting with an osteopath, I’d still be pushing the pain to the back of my mind thinking it was normal. His care, attention and commitment to his clients is evident and unparalleled. I’m feeling very confident about my recovery and return to training, and owe that in no small part to Andy at WBIC. Thank you.”Dan Worth

“I’ve been seeing Andy over the last 5/6 weeks after excruciating back pain which went into spasm and then traveled into my right hip and down my leg, all this was gained from competing in athletic throws and running park runs. He is so good and patient with me, as I’m a bit stubborn and set in my ways. I’m now back running a little again although not ready for competing yet, but I do the exercises he gave me twice everyday. Andy has helped me fight back the tears of pain I had and brought me back to doing what I love the best; running when I want too. I feel very lucky to know Andy, he’s my physiotherapist and friend and I can’t recommend him highly enough, I am so very grateful to you Andy. Thank you.”Cheryl Angell

“After a bad calf tear and several weeks in a boot, Andy was great in helping my recovery. Several weeks of physio, massage, stretches and exercises, as well as advice, helped get me active again. Highly recommended – very professional, courteous and understanding. Thanks Andy!”Richard Mathers

“In late Feb I suffered some calf damage and I literally couldn’t run for more than a mile without aggravating the injury. With the 54 mile Comrades Marathon due in 3 months prospects were bleak. My daughter recommended WBIC and with fantastic help, guidance and manipulation from Andy & Kate, I made it to the start line and got to the 39 mile mark without any calf or leg problems before cramp got the better of me. Many thanks to Andy & Kate, without you I’d have missed out on a great experience. 5 stars for treatment and thoroughly recommend these folks for any issues.” Ian Coxhead

“I injured my back whilst skiing and had pain and discomfort in my back. Andy was recommended to me. He treated me for around a month and worked mostly on my back, where I was experiencing the majority of the pain. During his thorough examinations he found other areas of my legs, neck and shoulders where there was tension which he also treated.

Andy was extremely caring during his treatment and made me feel completely at ease as he talked me through his treatments. He has taught me things about my muscles which will now help with a potential weakness.

He helped me endlessly and the pain and discomfort that I felt has improved massively, I am still in touch with Andy and I would highly recommend him.”Kate Fairbairn

“A few weeks ago I finished my therapy sessions with Andy, and it has been such a brilliant, and somewhat life changing experience. I was born with Scoliosis, and thus over the years although you wouldn’t say my curve is obviously severe, or particularly easy to notice: it has left me with incredibly bad posture, and for years I have had a dominant side where most of my weight sits. Aesthetically I have always had a straight side and a curvy side, so instead of having a waist, I’m more of a straight rectangle! (Which sucks for a body conscious female that likes wearing crop tops). When I started the 10 week sessions with Andy, I knew he would do a great job but I was skeptical as to how much of a difference it would make: considering I saw this as a problem with my bone structure, and without surgery I doubted how much I could change. However Andy had a full understand of what was wrong – and after the first session he really had a full understanding of how to move forward. The sessions were extremely productive, straightening out effectively, my whole body – at the end of a session I would often feel as if I did look aesthetically different, and my weight bearing issues got much better. He gave me exercises each time that would help the work done stay in place: and I really saw the difference in the way I was holding myself – it was hard work – but paid off. Not only this, but after around 5-6 weeks I began to notice more of a waist on myself, and I overall look a lot more even to this day! I now walk without a left instep thanks to the work he did around my hips and legs and weight bare significantly less. He also educated me to a degree where I fully understand what is best for my body and how to keeps these effects in place. So, would I recommend Andy? YES! He is a man that knows what he’s doing, he is exceptionally good at what he does and you come away feeling different but also knowing more about yourself. Not only that but he is a delightful man and has an incredibly professional and good mannerism with his clients”Ellie Selby

“Following a total rupture of my Achilles tendon I worked with Andy to aid my recovery in tandem with specialist physiotherapy care, Andy was able to accelerate my recovery, offering a dedication of support which delivered greater results than my private physiotherapy service could.

With Andy’s professional help and interventions I have been ahead of the recovery curve and am looking at a full return to competitive sport. Andy has been, without doubt, the most significant factor in my rapid recovery.”Alistair Dornan

“London Marathon 2011 – I would recommend Andy to anyone, especially people who are training for any running event (or just enjoying running for pleasure). Andy helped me through my London Marathon training, from the beginning when I was increasing my distance, right through to post race. Regular sessions with him enabled me to stay 100% injury free and ensured that I got the maximum performance out of my legs. Not only did he successfully treat any sore tight muscles I had, he would spend time pre event making sure my legs were prepared and feeling as light as air.

Andy accurately identified a problem that I had been experiencing in my ankle post Marathon and luckily after just one treatment the pain eased and I was able to carry on with my running.

He is very personable and was genuinely interested in my training. He always offered helpful advice on the other aspects of my training, for example improving my diet and putting in the extra sessions of needed post exercise stretching. All of Andy’s hard work enabled me to train well consistently; thus resulting in a great and very enjoyable Marathon run. I couldn’t have done it without his help.”Emma Ellis-Davies

“Andy has been treating a longstanding neck and shoulder problem of mine and in conjunction with a specialist yoga program I feel I am finally getting there! Andy is a true professional. His care and skill with people comes naturally as he is just a genuinely lovely person who obviously likes people and takes the time to listen and find out about all aspects of the problem and an individual’s lifestyle choices which may have a bearing on his treatment options. He is respectful and courteous, obviously knowledgeable and constantly updating himself by continued learning. Thus I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.”Tessa Martin

“Andy did a great job on my shoulder helping to recover from a lingering injury. He is calm, methodical, and professional. And exceptionally good at releasing those excruciating little muscle knots. Highly recommended.” – Greg Southey

I first contacted Andy at WBIC in June 2016. I was totally desperate and in pain all over my body. I work as a horse trainer and have had many accidents over the years. Andy was very kind and thorough in his assessment, covering everything from how stress and diet can affect the body to giving me simple exercises and stretches to help myself. He started treated me once a week, one area at a time until I was fixed and now I am on maintenance appointments every 6 weeks and feeling better than every. I can’t thank Andy enough for helping me maintain my muscles, control stress and have a better diet. I would definitely recommend WBIC” Pamela Hey